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About Zilan Co.

Charming life is from the visual perception of something which can make you warm, decent, romantic and safe. Zilan is a company that aiming to supply you some products to get these feelings. Like solar water heaters, solar collectors, solar panels and LED lights. We have a big team working on design and develop everyday. We are not a team which dreams to follow the trend, and we are a team dreams to lead the trend! We like doing some little changes every day and every week to decorate your living, and we believe if we can do little things well, we will do big ones better! There is a set of standards to control the quality of our products. So, pls enjoy our products at ease!

The roots of Zilan

Zilan is a 27 years old Chinese girl, who was born in 1985 at a very small village of eastern China. She is an indoor girl actually. But she dreams big world! From primary school to high school, she had gone through 19 years there. And in 2004, her life page was unfolding day by day from a college which located in Wuhu of Anhui province. After three years study there on business and finance, she started her long study journey in 2007 from China to UK on design, then to France, and now living at Loire valley. We name it. Coz we have something in common!

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